What Is A Leader? Credibility

We've been looking at leaders within the Church and defined them as a servant who uses their credibility and capabilities to influence people towards their God-given direction. 

Why do people follow a leader? Why do people follow you as a leader? Why don't people follow you as a leader? 

Have you ever thought about your credibility? 

Aubrey Malphurs, in his book Being Leaders, explains there are two parts of you that give you credibility.

1. Competency - This is your grasp on what have set out to accomplish and the set of skills you possess to accomplish it. You've probably heard someone described as a "Competent Leader". That's because there are incompetent leaders. But competent leaders within their tribe or field are the ones who draw people in. What is your level of competency? Are you leading out of your greatest areas of competency?

2. Character - This is the part of you that makes up the whole of you. It's the real you. We see a great list of attributes of character in 2 Timothy 3:1-12. Things like nobility, trustworthiness, faithfulness, self-control. Do you have someone in your life who can hold up a mirror of your character for you?

People will be initially drawn to your competency. It is your character that will cause you to humbly lead as a servant.

@@Credibility from your competency will make you a leader. Credibility from your character will keep you a leader.@@