Adding Names To Numbers

There is no denying it - numbers summarize the story of a church or any organization. And if you're like me, an introverted and systems leader, you are not only content but you are compelled by these numbers. It’s why you’re leading what you’re leading - because you know the numbers and care about the numbers. By numbers I mean:

  • Attendance
  • Giving
  • % of people in Groups
  • % of people Serving
  • and much more...


@@I'm going to be the bearer of bad news: not everyone is like you. In fact, most people in your church are not like you.@@ Therefore you must be intentional about adding names to your numbers.


When you give a report on a number that tells the next chapter in the story of your church or organization's vision, be sure to communicate at least one name to each number that represents the next chapter in a person's individual story that tends to get buried in the larger number.


  • When you talk about your growing attendance tell a story of someone who recently began attending your church and how God has used this to change their life.
  • When you talk about the health of your groups and serving teams tell a story of how someone’s life was changed because of them.
  • When you talk about baptisms tell a story of a life that will never be the same.


Leading consists of the direction of the whole and the formation of the parts. Don't just tell the whole story. Tell the parts story as well.


@@Here’s one last kernel of truth: The people that want that numbers will ask you for them. I promise.@@


What about you? Is a name or a number the first thing that compels you?