What is a Leader?

One of the key strategies to add to the many and multiply the few at Mission is by reproducing Leaders. You can choose to multiply a lot of things but I believe if you focus on reproducing Leaders, an outcome will be the reproduction of gatherings, groups, teams and even churches.

When it comes to being a church passionate about both adding to the many and multiplying the few you need a converter mechanism where the funnel in and funnel out meet. @@At the critical point where church as you knew it to be turns into church as it was designed to be, you will find a leader.@@

You need places and people where discipleship initially begins. We move our guests into Groups and Teams as quickly as we can so they come face to face with a leader.  

Well, what is a Leader? I’ve heard hundreds of definitions and like most of them. But when you look at Leaders within the Church the definition narrows. I adapted (mostly stole) Aubrey Malphurs’ definition from his book Building Leaders to get to our definition of what a Leader is at Mission.


Here it is:

A leader is...a servant who uses their credibility and capabilities to influence people toward their God-given direction.


If we, as the Church, take seriously the work of reproducing these kind of Leaders we will become churches where discipleship truly happens. We are 4 years old at Mission and are just starting to take this seriously. Over the next several weeks I want to break down this definition into 4 parts and discuss how we are beginning to develop leaders at Mission with the hope that you’ll join me in doing the same.