5 Steps To Doing Great Work Today

Last week I wrote about doing more great work and less bad work. Great work being:

  • work you dreamed about doing for your church
  • work you feel called to do
  • work you are uniquely gifted to do 
  • work your church needs you to do (not asking you to do)


After you have your One-Sentence Job Description, what’s next? How do you know the great work you need to start doing today and how do you get started?


Here are 5 steps to start doing great work today!


1. Invest

Watch this video as a way of investing in your leadership potential.


2. Imagine

Dream with God about what He can do through you, within your church, to advance His Kingdom here on earth. 

3. Invite

Invite a teammate, mentor or friend into this conversation and ask for feedback. Listen to trusted voices in your life to influence where you prioritize your energy as a leader. 

4. Ink

Put some pen to paper. Get out an index card, step up to your whiteboard or open Evernote and write down the 6 things your must energize the next 6 weeks.

5. Initiate

It’s time to initiate action! Start by prioritizing the two things you can start today. You have six things you need to get rolling and two hands. Which two will you get moving first? 

@@What are the 6 things you need to energize in the next 6 weeks to move your church from here to there?@@


Bonus tip: Keep a percentage log. As you make progress, keep a log of your percentage of completion. This will keep you on task and motivated to get to your finish line!