What is a Leader? Capabilities

We've been looking at leaders within the Church and defined them as aservant who uses their credibility and capabilities to influence people towards their God-given direction. 

Why do people follow a leader? Why do people follow you as a leader? Why don't people follow you as a leader? 


Have you ever thought about your capabilities? 


Aubrey Malphurs, in his book Being Leaders, explains there are two types of capabilities.


1. God-Given - These are your talents. These are the things we are naturally good at. The things you simply have a knack for. These capabilities require very little coaching and occasionally we don’t actually love to do these things. But they are still capabilities we can use for influence. Gallup, a leader in researching strengths and talents, defines talent as “A recurring pattern of thought, feeling or behavior that can be productively applied." How aware are you of your God-given capabilities? How often do you operate from your God-given capabilities versus pretending to be something you aren’t?


2. Developed - These are your skills. Things you have developed in work or in life to excel in or even to survive a situation. You’re not in the top tier when it comes to these but they are a crucial part of your repertoire. They round you out at a leader and contribute to your influence. What are you doing to maximize these skills? How are you pairing your skills with your natural talents? What skills do you still need to develop?


Your capabilities are as crucial to your influence as your credibility. Your capabilities, both God-given and developed, are yours to steward. Know your talents and start to prioritize them. @@As easy as your talent comes to you it is just as easy to neglect.@@ Know what needs development. When we neglect to develop new skills we put a lid on our leadership influence.