3 Reasons To Discover What Your Church Could Be The Best In The World At

In one of my favorite books, Good To Great, Jim Collins introduces the hedgehog concept. This concept is a venn diagram of 3 questions. One of the questions is “What can you be the best in the world at?” Notice it doesn’t ask what you will be the best in the world at or should be the best in the world at. It asks what you could be the best in the world at.

When it comes to carrying out the mission of the Church, do you know what your church could be the best in the world at?


Is it…

  • Worship
  • Small Groups
  • Community Restoration
  • Teaching
  • Assimilation
  • Church Planting
  • Family Ministry
  • Church Online
  • Evangelism
  • etc…?

Do you know? Do you even care? Here’s why you should:


  1. You Can vs. You Should

@@Just because you can do all things through Christ doesn’t mean you should.@@ The fact that the church is guided by and connected to the greatest source of power has led us to a place of trying and even forcing too many things. I use the ratio of 80/20 a lot because it just works. I believe churches need to spend 80% of their energy and effort what the think they could be the best in the world at.

     2. No One Is Asking For Options

Have you ever walked into a restaurant with 6 pages of options on the menu? Have you ever sat down at a bar with 100 beers on tap? It’s paralyzing, isn’t it? The products, places and ideas people evangelize about the most are the ones that simplify their life the most. No one who walks through the doors of your church in need of a savior is asking you to complicate it for them. Eliminate the options and simplify their path to Jesus.

     3. The “Cannot” Question Matter Too

Do you also know what you cannot be the best in the world at? Your list is probably much longer in this case. If you were to make this list, are there items on this list you spend a disproportionate amount of energy and effort on? If so, why? Just because the church down the street does or the church you admire does?

I remember an ad campaign the Army ran when I was growing up. “Be all that you can be” was sung in this ad. It’s a deceptive statement. It can read “Be all the things you can be” which is how I believe many church would interpret it.

What if your church was to become all of what it could distinctly be the greatest at? What would your impact on the Church and His Kingdom be?