Asking the WIGTake Question

@@When is the last time you’ve asked yourself the question “What’s it gonna take?”@@

First of all, I’m assuming you are clear on what you believe God is desiring to accomplish through you and your church. 

For me it’s clear and I wrote it on a napkin back in 2011 - to see 42,000 actively following Jesus in The 10 (10 towns outside of Chicago where 262,000 people live). Why 42,000? It’s crazy enough to completely need God and it seems almost realistic to me. Also, it’s the tipping point number - the magic 13-16% that can begin to influence culture.

It’s often difficult just to get this on paper. And when we do we must continue to courageously ask the question “What’s it gonna take?” I’m four years in and asking the question again and don’t have the answers yet. 

David Garrison, in his book Church Planting Movements, recommends these questions when getting to the answer:

  • What is God’s vision for this city/community?
  • How many churches will it take?
  • What do these churches look like?
  • Where will their leaders come from?
  • How will these leaders be trained?

And there’s more, but start here. I am. And I’m asking people close to me to answer these questions with me. And I look forward to sharing the answers God leads us to in a future post.

What about you? What’s your BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goal)?

And what is it going to take?