Are You Even Ready?

Before I was in full-time ministry I worked in construction. And by “working in construction” I mean I pushed a pencil in sales and estimating. But I did make it out to the job site from time to time. So many things about the construction of a building fascinates me. However, one of the most important components of any building project is shipped off and driven away on a truck before anyone occupies the building. The proof that this component was in place is always evident as it shapes the foundation and what is built upon it.

Similarly, when we look back on our churches years down the road and see the proof of God’s blessing we will find it to be shaped and formed by decisions we made as leaders along the way. 

Early on in a construction project concrete forms are put in place. They outline and shape the foundation of a building. And then the actual substance of strength shows up on the scene. You see reverse lights blinking and hear warning sounds as the concrete truck backs up and begins to pour out the foundation of the building. 

As a leader and pastor I’m assuming you’ve gotten yourself to a place where you pray often for God to bring His abundant blessing. Right? Fill in the blank of your frequent requests: “God, please ______________”. And this is great. But what are the forms you are building? @@How are you shaping the foundation of your church? When God’s blessing comes to your church, what is it pouring into?@@

Are you ready for people growth?

Are you ready to be prompted for generosity?

Are you ready to reproduce disciples and leaders?

Are you ready to commission people out into their neighborhoods?

I have prayed reluctantly for growth at Mission. Believing that God is desiring us to become more movement-ready by providing answers to these questions. 

God’s power and timing are perfect according to His will and purpose - but what if He’s up there waiting for your church to be more ready for a true movement of God? What if waiting on the Lord led you to the hard work of preparing? What if He’s really waiting on you?