Church Within An Ecosystem Pt. 2

I previously wrote asking the question @@“Are you seeing your church within an ecosystem?”@@ And then followed up by asking what you are doing to orchestrate the components within your ecosystem for the purpose of accomplishing your God-given vision.

In summary, I said components within your ecosystem are contributing to, working against or unaware of your vision. Let’s talk about orchestrating the components that are contributing to your vision.

1. Celebrate their contributions

Often, components within your ecosystem are unaware they are contributing to the same goal. I believe people replicate what we celebrate. Let them know you see their contributions, you appreciate them and offer you support. 

Example: Every year we give an award and gift to a person in our community, whether follower of Jesus or not, who is restoring our communities back to what God intended. It is often a community leader or community official.

Who’s contributions can you celebrate within your ecosystem?

2. Support their contributions

There are also components in your ecosystem who knowingly are chasing and contributing to the same goal. When they need your help, lend it. You can’t be territorial to do this. 

Example: For churches, this is most often other churches. In 2014, we saw a church in the area in financial need. This church was reaching and restoring people we were not through their support and recovery ministry. Because our vision is to reach and restore we gave away our entire offering one weekend to them.  

Who’s contributions can you support within your ecosystem?

3. Partner with their contributions 

Components can tend to get half way to a solution when you have the resources to maximize what they have begun. Partner with these components to accomplish your vision together. To do this you have to be looking or you won’t see it.

Example: Our neighborhood was trying to bring the local fireworks back in 2013. They were short on their fundraising. We stepped in and said we had a church community of people that could complete the goal and asked “What if we brought back the fireworks and partied with a purpose?” That was the start of Party In The Park. An event where 10,000 people gather for a concert and fireworks and funds are raised to eliminate the school supply need in our 10 town footprint we desire to reach and restore. Here’s a highlight video from this year.

Who’s contributions can you partner within in your ecosystem?