Church Within An Ecosystem Pt. 3

I previously wrote asking the question “Are you seeing your church within an ecosystem?” And then followed up by asking what you are doing to orchestrate the components within your ecosystem for the purpose of accomplishing your God-given vision.

In summary, I said components within your ecosystem are contributing to (read Part 2 HERE), working against or unaware of your vision. Let’s talk about orchestrating the components that are working against your vision.

1. Redeem

John 1:14 speaks of the incarnation of Jesus. “The Word became flesh and dwelt among us.” Nothing was working against the kingdom of God like mankind when Jesus moved in. Jesus moved in on us, full of grace and truth, to orchestrate what was working against his vision. And he did this in perfect love. What are the components around you, knowingly and unknowingly working against your church’s vision, that you need to redeem by stepping into?

Will your church be known for what it is stepping out of or stepping in to? (into??) 

2. Remove

Matthew 7 warns of “wolves in sheep’s clothing”. If you are obediently moving God’s vision for your church forward you have a target on your back. And as long as churches are made up of people and people remain imperfect, these attacks will come from people. When this happens, don’t be passive. Instead, be swift and direct. And be full of grace and truth. Always seek to restore first but be willing to remove these people from your church. As a people pleaser who wants everyone to get along, I find this is exceptionally hard. But God isn’t going to hold me accountable for making sure everyone got along. He’s going to ask me if I moved His vision forward. 

Do you trust in the vision God has given your church enough to remove people from it?

This is important too...

There will be people within your ecosystem, within and outside of your church, who will lovingly challenge the vision God has given you. These people are not working against you. Rather, they are helping to confirm and refine the vision God has placed on your heart for His Church. Be willing to give these people their voice. Be humble enough to listen for the truth in their words that God has for you as a leader.

@@As long as there are components working against the movement of the Church, are you ready to redeem or remove these components?@@