The Value of Values

Your church has a culture. Whether you realize it or not, there is a distinct way people feel and think about your church. In your communication, branding, demographics and behaviors - you are affecting how people think and feel about your church.

You have the choice to be passive or active with your culture. We choose to be active at Mission Church through our values. 

There’s a mission we all share as churches. After that we each have our own unique visions for the sake of advancing the Church in our context. We must connect our vision to behaviors. These behaviors connect to mission. 

I don’t love the word behaviors but if you were to study religious movements throughout history, each was known for their counter-cultural, distinct behaviors. These behaviors were always value driven.

What are the values of your church? What are the behavioral guardrails you have in place to help you fulfill the mission of God in the most effective way for your context?

I would make it simple and keep it to 3.

Here are our 3:

  1. We are reaching people no one is reaching (Mission Dei)
  2. We are restoring The 10 to the fulness of its potential (Shalom)
  3. We are reproducing everything (Ekklesia) 

@@There is a great value to having values. How are you shaping culture in your church? What are the values of your church?@@

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