Ready... Aim.... Aim... Ready...

We’ve been blessed to have Tobbias Ngala from Trinity Chapel in Mombasa in our office this week. I spent some time with him to end the day today. I asked him “What could the Church in the west learn from what God is doing in Africa?” He replied, “Just off the top of my head…you do too much Ready, Aim…Aim…Ready…Aim…and never FIRE.”

I felt immediately convicted. Why? Because at about 9am the same day I had the exact thought with the exact language to describe a leadership flaw of my own.

The Church loves planning, preparing and predicting - sometimes at the risk of possibility.

I love strategy and white boarding out exactly what I know will work. For me, there is just as much fun in that as launching something. But where is the faith and risk in that? What are the movements of God that I’m missing out on due to failure to launch?

For some of you out there you need more Ready…Aim…Ready…Aim…because you’re risking too much and firing all over the place. But if you’re like me and too often it’s Ready…Aim…Aim…Aim…Ready…and maybe fire... - it’s time to begin to operate with a consistent READY…AIM…FIRE in your leadership.

Chances are, the next time you’re stuck on getting ready or aiming, you already know all you need to know and it’s a safe enough risk to go ahead and pull the trigger. It’s OK. God’s got this.

Homework: Go pull the trigger on something you’ve been aiming for the past 6 months. Oh, and report back!