Strategy 03 // Do You Know Your Primary Customer?

Choosing the right customer is the first step in a winning strategy.
— Robert Simons, Harvard Business Professor

In the world of church, we have the greatest value proposition to offer people: the gospel. And because of the truth of the gospel, everyone on earth becomes the demographic we aim to reach. To narrow our focus to a smaller group would be to exclude people, right?

Here are two reasons why we must define our primary customer:

1. Our Resources Are Limited

All churches are limited in resources, whether it appears so or not. There is only so much time, energy, money and people you can throw at a customer base. By focusing your resources to a specific people group, you will maximize your investment of resources to that people group.

2. Their Attention Is Limited

All people are limited in their attention. The church has never competed for people’s attention so much as it does in today’s day in age. And it won’t get easier. By focusing on a primary customer base, you can compete for greater attention with them. You can deliver the same message 5 times to a single group instead of 1 time to multiple groups.

Here’s how to define your primary customer:

  • Assess who your current customer base is. Who engages with your church?
  • Acknowledge you will tend to reach who you are. What is the demographic of your staff/team?
  • Analyze the long list. What characteristics can be grouped into a primary customer?

Here is our primary customer: Young families in The 10 who don’t attend church.

To adhere to a primary customer is to believe that a deeper investment in a smaller group will spread to other people groups. Could your church could be stewarding its resources to better serve a primary customer? @@The broader your customer base, the more limited your resources and their attention become.@@

Who is your church’s primary customer?

This is the third post in a series on strategy.