3 Traits of a Healthy Leader - Part 1

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Do you want to be a healthy leader? I’m sure your answer is a resounding “Yes!” Well, healthy leaders don’t just happen with wishful thinking. Becoming a healthy leader, full of vitality and vision, takes intentionality, planning, and, often times, some serious introspection.  

There’s no one thing that makes a strong, healthy leader. The kind of leader God wants to shape you into possesses many important traits. Today we’re beginning a short series that will examine just 3 of those key traits. They are traits I believe every leader must have in order to lead well and for the long haul.

Trait 1: Honesty

An honest leader is a trustworthy leader. Trust is vital if you want to lead well. If you don’t have the trust of the people you lead, you’re simply not going to get very far. Over time, your team and vision will stall due to lack of trust. In order to be a trustworthy leader, you need to be an honest leader. How can you do that?

·      Call things for what they are and tell it like it is. No smoke and mirrors! Never distort the facts or spin the truth, even if it seems like it would be easier and kinder to do so.

·       Keep communication lines open and available. Are you accessible? Are you communicating with your team often? Do they know they can reach you, if needed?

·      Keep your language simple and clear. Don’t hide the truth in excess words. Say what you mean and mean what you say.

By demonstrating your integrity through the practice of transparency and honesty, your team will become consistently sure of you and where you stand. You can probably tell when someone is trying to hide something from you. Your co-workers can tell, too. All that does is breed suspicion and dissatisfaction in the workplace.

You no doubt know the sting that comes from realizing a leader you trust has been hiding the truth. It hurts. Once trust is broken, it is very hard to build it back. Sometimes, it is impossible.

The bottom line: When people are following you and your leadership, they need to know that they can trust you. Be honest.

Ask yourself these questions:

1.     Are you telling the truth to the people under your leadership?

2.     Are your motives trustworthy?

3.     Do you leave out key pieces of information in order to shine a better light on yourself or your agenda?

If honesty is an area you struggle with, talk to God about it. Ask Him to guide you toward creating a culture of honesty in your life, personally and professionally. He desires for you to be a leader filled with integrity, a leader people can trust!

How are you creating a culture of honesty in your life and the life of your ministry?