Strategy 06 // What’s Your Plan of Attack?

Now that your Defining Objectives are set, the goal is to accomplish them. In my last five years of leading a team, I've had seasons of leading with Defining Objectives and seasons without. I’m currently in my first season of seeing quick and consistent results with our team’s Defining Objectives. Here’s how:

1. Appoint a Leader

If there isn’t a singular person responsible, it won’t get done. Each Objective Leader has a team, but the leader is responsible. A person should also lead only one team, making it their primary focus.

2. Assemble Teams

Each team should consist of multiple team members. While a person should only lead one team, they can contribute to 2-3 teams. You should be able to place people, based on their passion and competency, into the right teams. Make up a draft roster and present it to your staff. Allow them to discuss, make any recommended shifts, and sign off on the Objective Teams.

3. Analyze your Starting Point

At the first meeting, each team should do a SWOT analysis on the Defining Objective.

  • What are our current strengths? (Within the objective)
  • What are our current weaknesses? (Within the objective)
  • What are our current opportunities? (Outside of the objective)
  • What are our current threats? (Outside of the objective)

4. Assign Tasks

Based on the SWOT analysis, determine which 4-6 tasks need to be assigned to accomplish the objective. Tasks should be descriptive, not prescriptive. Tasks should describe a preferred future, not a preferred path. Each task should be owned by one team member. 

5. Align with Meetings

No one loves meetings. But when meetings are actually focused on moving Defining Objectives forward, they're energizing to an individual and a team. We shifted a key maintenance meeting to report status updates on Defining Objectives by Team Leaders. We’ve also found that tasks aren’t agreed upon and accomplished without conversation. Schedule meetings and checkins to move your objectives forward.

@@Objectives are accomplished with a description of the preferred future first, and a prescription of a preferred plan second.@@ Follow these steps, and accomplish your team’s Defining Objectives.

Are you seeing results on your objectives? What is your action plan?

This is the sixth post in a series on strategy.