3 Ways Hosting Alpha Will Personally Impact You

Courtesy of lightstock.com

Courtesy of lightstock.com

Earlier this year, I posted about 4 ways the Alpha Course will affect the culture of your church. Well, after wrapping up our first course at Mission Church, I was proven right. And there’s more. Here are 3 ways you will be personally impacted by hosting an Alpha circle.

1. Your Circle Will Widen

If you are a Pastor or volunteer leading a circle, chances are your connectors are full. Mine were full going into this experience. And along the way, as this circle became family to others, it became an extension of my sense of family too. Without Alpha, my circle of 12 people would have never come together. The spectrum of age, faith experience and level of skepticism was so vast. Alpha gave me 11 new friends! When I see these people in church on Sunday, our bond is totally different from others.

2. Your Perspective Will Expand

You will get the clearest picture of the doubts that walk through your doors every Sunday. While in the past, a conversation here or conversation there have given you data points, you will come to know and understand the depth of the searching going on in your church. You will hear it firsthand! And it’s awesome! Alpha has reminded me and our team why we started this church. Every Wednesday, we’ve been given a front row seat to the journey of lives being pursued by God’s love.

3. Your Dependency Will Deepen

My interaction with the Holy Spirit is on an entirely new level. First, there is a level of responsibility you have for your circle. That is consistently handed over to God and entrusted to the Holy Spirit. Second, along the way, while sitting and listening to the talks “for my circle”, I was ministered to in a new and fresh way. Through Alpha, a fresh wind and fire has been breathed into me. @@I’ve never felt so dependent and empowered by the Spirit of the Living God as I do now after Alpha.@@


I shared with my group on the final night that I had been showing up for them. And somewhere along the way, I began showing up for me as well. I needed this. You need this!

If your church is considering Alpha, please comment and ask any questions you have. Dan Ruta on our team ran the course like it was his 100th time! I consider him an expert who’s willing to help.