4 Ways To Get Back To Work After A Long Break

It's a new year, and if you're like me, you’re heading back to the office after a nice, long break. And perhaps you're feeling a bit overwhelmed. Well, don't be. Try these steps this week as you prepare to get back to work.  

1. Start A Day Early

I find it helpful to get into the office a day before your first day back. Hopefully during the holidays this is a day before anyone is back, so it should be nice and quiet. Erase your whiteboards, clear your desk, get any needed supplies. When you sit down on your official first day back, you don’t want to spend it playing catch up or hunting down things you need to be effective.

2. Stay “Out Of Office"

@@Hopefully you had your Out Of Office on over your break. Well, leave it on. Just for one more day.@@ Perhaps change it to "I'm playing catch-up...I'll be sure to respond first thing tomorrow morning.” Hopefully you used your head start day to empty your inbox, but no one else probably did. Therefore, you’ll probably be receiving a good bit of email on everyone’s first day back. Leave it for another day.

3. Shut Your Door

There are a ton of questions to ask, and even more to answer when you return to work. You could spend your entire first day in conversation and not on starting to move important things forward. Don’t be a Scrooge, but use your scheduled staff meeting to play catch up with everyone. And if no meeting is planned for the first day back, schedule a “Stand-Up Meeting” once everyone is in to get everyone on the same page.

4. Schedule A Break

Your brain has been on a long break too and probably isn’t ready for a full day back at work. Plan to go workout for an hour. Or go eat alone for an hour to recharge. If your office and staff are large enough, spend an hour strolling the office, checking in and catching up with your team. Ask them the highlight of their holiday break.

What are some things you do to effectively get back to work after a long break?