3 Rhythms To Achieve Balance In Life & Leadership

Balance is a myth. Rhythm is the reality.
— Léonce Crump Jr.

We’re all trying to achieve balance, but no one really even knows what that is. We aim for balance in our lives, in our leadership and in our churches. But perhaps it’s not balance we need. Perhaps it is rhythm.

@@Perhaps it's not balance we need. Perhaps it's rhythm.@@

When it comes to my personal life and leadership, here are 3 rhythms I use (borrowed from Rick Warren):

Divert Daily

You need your daily space. When a few days pile up and you haven’t had quiet time, you can feel the fatigue begin to set in. This can be your devotional and prayer time. This can be exercise. This can simply be quiet and uninterrupted space. 

Todd Henry has said when we avoid quiet spaces in our lives, creative inversion begins to set in to our leadership. Creative inversion is when the space we have for output of ideas and vision far exceeds our space for the input of ideas and vision.

We must divert daily.

Withdraw Weekly

I’ve posted about the importance of a rest routine before. There’s a problem church leaders have with bringing our work home with us, because for most of us, the line between work and life is really blurry. But you need a day to sabbath and recharge. Your sabbath is to rest the parts of you that you love God with: heart, soul, mind and strength. If you aren’t resting these parts of you on a weekly basis, you will slowly lose patience, creativity and decision-making ability as a leader.

We must withdraw weekly.

Abandon Annually

Every leader needs 2-4 weeks a year to leave their post as the leader. When we do this, we allow for healing in our emotional, mental, spiritual and physical lives. Throughout a calendar year, there is a chipping-away at all of these parts of you. Without a concentrated and extended period of time, you cannot heal to full strength as a leader. 

This is also the space where God affirms and brings into focus His vision for your next run as a leader. At Mission we say "what got you here, won’t get you there." This time away is your time assess what you need to stop, start and continue as a leader to take you to the next level.

We must abandon annually.

If you’re looking for balance in your life and leadership, try to focus on these rhythms. 

What are the rhythms that sustain you as a leader?