3 Reasons to Consider Belay Solutions


To maximize my time and steward my gifts in my role as Executive Pastor of Mission Church, a gifted Administrative Assistant is vital. Today, I asked my actual assistant, Tracie, to share 3 reasons why you should consider Belay Solutions for your assistant needs. Tracie, take it away:

Do you spend hours lost in the murky swamp that is your inbox?

Do you wish your ministry life was more organized?

Are you terrible at managing your calendar and wish you could carve out even a little time for the things that matter most to you?

The company I am contracted through, Belay Solutions, just might have the perfect solution for you!  Belay Solutions is a company that specializes in matching leaders with virtual assistants, bookkeepers, content writers, and website gurus. By hiring through Belay Solutions, you can be matched with a virtual employee that would be perfect for you and your company.

As a contracted virtual assistant with Belay Solutions, I have the honor of helping ministry leaders as they strive to be their best and do their best for God’s glory and kingdom. Even though I am states away from the pastors I serve, I feel like an important and valued member of their teams. I LOVE what I do!

If you’re wondering if hiring a virtual assistant would make sense for you, consider these 3 benefits:

1.     Having a virtual assistant allows you to only do what only you can do. Andy Stanley, Pastor of North Point Community Church and Ministry leadership expert, promotes this idea: Only do what only you can do. Delegate everything else! Spending hours in email each day? Give that to your VA! Wish you didn’t have to spend so much time managing your calendar? Let your VA handle that! Your VA would be able to help with all kinds of tasks depending on your needs and their skill set. The more time your VA spends handling those daily time-consuming tasks, the more time you have to focus on the things God has called you to do!

2.     Having a virtual assistant allows you to keep first things first. Ministry leaders are infamous for spreading themselves too thin, leaving little time for the things that keep them healthy. Ignoring time for exercise, rest, and time with family and friends leads to burnout. Don’t let that be a part of your story! I work for one pastor who is diligent about his workout time at the gym (You’re reading his blog right now!) and another who intentionally blocks time for study, writing, and rest. These leaders are conscientous in keeping healthy habits that enrich not only their ministry lives, but their personal lives as well.

3.     Having a virtual assistant can be a very cost-effective way to get the help you need. By having an assistant who is virtual, you won’t have to worry about providing office space. And because your assistant isn’t actually in the office, they are bothered far less by idle conversations and requests. They are able to focus well on the work they are doing for you. You also won’t have to deal with paying overtime, vacation and sick days, or payroll taxes. Win!

If you’re interested in finding out more about the services Belay Solutions provides, check them out at belaysolutions.com

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