5 Ways to Leverage Christmas Break for Momentum in 2018


When January 2nd rolls around and you’re back to your routine, how will you feel about your Christmas break? How will your break have set you up for a momentous 2018? Here are 5 things you can do over your break to maximize the end of 2017 for momentum at the beginning of 2018.

1. Read Something Different

Your year is filled with books and podcasts about leadership, strategy and best practices. Take a break.  If fiction interests you, lose yourself in a novel. I prefer biographies. This can help you disengage, decompress and even sleep better. In years past I’ve read the bios of Kennedy, Lincoln and Nelson Mandela. I’m open to suggestions for this year. Got any?

2. Remedy Illness That’s Already On The Way

Do you seem to always get sick when you vacation or take a break? I did for years and finally learned why. It’s called Leisure Sickness. In short, our work causes stress, stress causes adrenaline and adrenaline boosts our immune system and masks symptoms. When you simply begin to decompress, you become more susceptible to getting sick. To  combat this, begin a healthy regimen of exercise, water, sleep, vitamins C and D, zinc & echinacea a week before your break.

3. Rest A Day (or 2)

We tend to cram our breaks just as full as our work weeks. Here’s my advice: Don’t do that! If you’re single, you have no excuse. If you’re married, ask your spouse after reading this post, “Honey, which day(s) can we plan to just be home to rest?” If your spouse is an extrovert and doesn’t want to join you, they are not required. You need to rest.

4. Record Your 2018 Goals

There is no time like the introduction of a new year to intentionally grow. And I’m not recommending New Year’s resolutions (which have an 8% success rate). I’m talking about planning out and writing down how you plan to grow as a follower of Jesus, a leader, a spouse, a parent, physically and emotionally. List out headings of desired growth and place 1-3 measurable goals under each. And then...

5. Reserve A Table

Find a morning to share a cup of coffee with your best friend and find an evening to take your spouse out on a date. I want you to share your 2018 goals with them. I want you to ask them to speak into your goals, affirm them and challenge them. I want you to ask them to hold you accountable, to encourage you and to pray for you. And lastly, ask them their goals and invest in their 2018.

@@You’re going to wake up on January 2nd with or without momentum - and you are responsible for what you wake up with on that day.@@

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

How are you planning to rest and refocus over Christmas break?