3 Ways To Reach More People This Christmas

Our culture pauses for Christmas in a way it pauses for little else in the year.
— Carey Nieuwhof

While people in our culture are pausing to celebrate a holiday based upon the birth of Jesus, christians can be found making statements like "Don't take Christ out of Christmas" in reference to the abbreviated "X-Mas". This is our time of year to reach people no one is reaching. Here are 3 ways to reach more people this Christmas Season

1. Experiment with Eve-Eve

What we found in our context is that the people we want to reach at Christmas have life-long Christmas Eve traditions. Even our own church attenders were missing our Christmas Eve services to go to a party, or even another Christmas service with relatives, because that is what they have done for years. Don't compete. Hold a service on Christmas Eve-Eve, December 23rd. 

2. Be Social With Your Invite

How do your people currently invite all their friends to events...??? You guessed, it - Facebook. You've probably created a Facebook Event for your Christmas services. For the Sundays in December point your people to invite through your Facebook Event. Put the event front and center on your church's Facebook page, your church's website, your mobile app...everywhere. Even have people pull out their phones in service and share the FB event right there in the moment. 

3. Keep The Family In Mind

Families want to be together at Christmas. And guests, especially, want their kids with them or want to know their kids are experiencing programming specific to their age. This year, the Sunday before Christmas, we are hosting a Family Experience(FX). FX is a one-stop shop, provided by Orange, that has everything you will need to produce a high-quality, memorable Family Experience (FX) with a limited number of volunteers. We are hosting FX on a Sunday afternoon and having the families of our church invite their friends to this. 

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