Church Health Check-Up: Giving

Last week in our Church Health Check-Up series, we looked at people in groups, and today we want to look at giving.

Once again, we'll look at what I’ve learned as we launched and have grown through our first 5 years. We’ll also use this number as a barometer to ask certain questions when you’re above or below.

Healthy Per Head Giving Number:


To figure this out, simply take your total annual giving divided by your average attendance and divide by 52 (weeks in a year). What do you end up with? The average number for the Church in America is around $26.

Things to consider when checking your health against this metric:

If Below $26

  • Are you pastoring and teaching about giving?
  • Do you invite people to give and talk about giving on a weekly basis?
  • Are you making giving too difficult?
  • Do you have a singular person who is responsible for stewardship?

If Above $26

  • Are you thanking regularly?
  • Are you tracking and affirming new givers?
  • Are you gathering your top percentage to thank and remind how their sacrifice is powering your church’s mission?
  • Has a campaign made you successful?

In our case:

Mission Church has always been fiscally healthy, since our Lead Pastor raised a healthy amount of funds to launch the church. Our giving has stayed above the healthy line, almost on accident, we have felt at times. This has caused complacency when it comes to pastoring towards giving. We are discovering that – in the midst of healthy giving trends – there is a huge opportunity to teach and equip others in the discipline and sacrifice of giving to the local church. @@Do you allow fiscal health to distract pastoral teaching towards generosity?@@

So when it comes to giving, where do you stand? How is it affecting your church?