How To Create a Powerful Church Health Dashboard

Last week, we looked at monitoring and measuring the subjective. Now what about the objective and easily measured? @@Sometimes the easiest things to monitor are the easiest to neglect.@@ Why? Because we don’t always like what it tells us.

For instance, when is the last time you:

  • Stepped on a scale
  • Had your blood sugar checked
  • Measured your body fat
  • Checked blood pressure
  • And more...

Does your church get a check-up as often as you do?

If so, you’re probably guessing on your church’s health. In that case, how do you know your energy is being invested into the right part of your church? How do you know what’s working and not working? It’s time to find an easy, helpful and consistent way to monitor your church’s health!

Let me help you get started:

  1. Designate a whiteboard, preferably in your conference room.
  2. Down the left side, list: Giving Rate, Volunteer Rate, Group Rate, Kids Rate and Student Rate to get started.
  3. In a column to the right, list: $26/head, 50%, 50%, 20%, 10%.
  4. In a column to the right of that, list where you stand. Use my posts on Giving, Volunteering, Groups, Kids & Students to help.
  5. In a column to the right of that, give each a Green circle if Thriving, Yellow circle if Healthy and Red circle if it Needs Attention.

This is now your Church Health Dashboard, and there’s more you can add to it! How do you measure your church's health?

P.S. I’d love to talk you through Growth Rate, Connection Rate, Staff Ratio and much more.