Are you Distinguishing or Distributing?

The Barna Group’s latest research states that the average size protestant church in America is 89 people. This isn’t the average size 1 year old churches in America - this is all churches. Why is that? There are many reasons and even more theories. Here’s mine:

@@Too many churches spend their energy on distinguishing work and too little time on distributing work.@@

The mentality is:

  •  I’m up here on the platform. You’re down in the seats.
  • We do almost everything. You do almost nothing.
  • You come. I feed you. (And tip me when the bag comes by.) 

If Jesus didn’t operate this way, why does His Church? Of the 5,000 men (even more women and children) in all four gospels, Jesus didn’t feed every last person. His provision fed each person but his provision was distributed through others - starting with His disciples.

When you lead from a distinguishing mentality, one person can sustain this leadership over 50-100 people. But not 100-1000+ people. This is a major reason why the average church size in America is 89 people. The work of each church must be actively distributed to its people who make up the church. 

Like everything in leadership, it’s a tension to manage. Pastors cannot dilute their responsibility through careless abdication. Rather they must practice intentional delegation.

Do you lead a church or within a church?

Is too much of your work a distinguishing kind of work?

Is too much energy going towards distinguishing work?

What are you willing to distributed to trusted men and women in your church?