4 Ways To Lead Well Through Easter

Courtesy of lightstock.com

Courtesy of lightstock.com

The Easter season is here, and in churches all over the country, we are preparing for Easter. Like during Passover in the old Testament, as Easter approaches, it seems the spiritual temperature is turned up. Our collective faith and hope increase. When this happens, good things seem to happen and we experience, what we like to call, “momentum” in our churches.

In spite of this momentum, we as leaders tend to become defeated, miss opportunities and are left weary after Easter. Here are 4 ways to lead well through Easter.

1. Prepare For Attacks

Our enemy wants nothing more than to stop you, your team and your church dead in your tracks during the upcoming weeks. Even now, as you experience momentum in your church, you may be experiencing random roadblocks and distractions. Satan wants to leave you drained, confused and doubtful.

Why waste the time being surprised? Why waste energy being blindsided? Instead, be ready and stand firm. We serve a mighty warrior and a strong deliverer. Prepare for these attacks. Expect them to come.

(Be grateful your church is even in the crosshairs of the enemy. God must be up to something great!)

2. Take A Risk

The church invite has received a bad rap the past decade. And while I value relational intelligence, there is no greater season to take a relational risk and extend an old fashioned church invite to a friend.

It could be at your gym during a workout. Maybe it's at your favorite coffee shop or favorite breakfast spot. Perhaps it's just a walk across the street. Take a risk. If you as a Pastor or Leader aren’t willing to, don’t expect your church to be willing to.

3. Lay It Down

We can go into the Easter weekend so tight and tense. We load up all of this pressure on our shoulders: How packed will church be? Will that special moment in the service be as awesome as we hope? How many will come to know Jesus? And so on and so on…

And in these moments I point myself to the verse that has powered our church since before it’s inception. Zechariah 4:6 – Not by might, nor by power, but by Your Spirit, says the Lord Almighty. Here’s the paradox of this week: Yes, do the work and steward the week well but then…lay it all down into the hands of God. @@Only by His Spirit will anything eternal be accomplished in your church this Easter.@@

4. Plan For Rest

The temptation will be to report back to the office and ride the wave of momentum from Easter. And I'm telling you - you will be fried. You need a sabbath day of rest. You need a day to rest what you are called to love God with: your heart, soul, mind and strength. 

Too often, we miss our moments of reflection which lead us to acknowledge the presence of God in our lives and in our work. Our intimacy with God, as leaders, cannot afford to miss these moments. Plan for rest. Get rest. The momentum will still be there when you return to the office.

Which of these 4 ways do you need to take most seriously this Easter?