My Hope for the Church After the Election

I’m writing this post during the days leading up to our 2016 Presidential Election. You’ll be reading this, at the earliest, the morning after you hear the results. In what feels like the most polarizing and hopeless election in a lifetime, I am truly believing for a unifying and hopeful future in the Church. Regardless of who won last night, here are 3 things I’m believing for the Church in America after the election.

1. Eternity will become our today

Jesus talked about the Kingdom of God more than anything, and your citizenship in that Kingdom still trumps (pun intended) your citizenship as an American. I believe how we view our short time as ambassadors in the world will be given an eternal perspective. 

One of my favorite quotes from N.T. Wright is, "Jesus' resurrection is the beginning of God's new project, not to snatch people away from earth to heaven, but to colonize earth with the life of heaven."

The love of God makes your today matter for eternity. I believe the Church will live and lead from this place.

(This is our focus at Mission Church the next 3 weeks. Join the conversation.)

2. Jesus will become more central

Do you remember that time in the Bible when Jesus asked the government to align with his mission and ministry? Wait…He didn’t! And for 2,000 years, governments have not become more aligned with the man who commissioned the Church.

I see values of Christ represented in both political parties. I do. However, as political systems, policies and parties continue their trend, the church will be absent of issues to align with. And finally the church will be left with the only thing that should have remained the only thing: Jesus. I am believing this to be the beginning of a focusing on the centrality of Christ in our lives, in our homes and in our churches.

3. The Holy Spirit will become our dependency

The Spirit of God is always right around the corner from prayer, unity and desperation. As Jesus becomes more central, His Spirit will become more familiar. As the Spirit becomes more familiar to us, we will recognize our need for His power, comfort and guidance.

The spiritual temperature of the Church is coolest in the global west, aligning with centuries of dependency on a seemingly thriving government. As dependency decreases on both sides of the party line, I believe the Church will increase our dependency on the Spirit of God.

And with all that said this post could be applied to 2012, 2008, 2004, etc... Today always feels more urgent than yesterday. Know tomorrow will first be sifted through the hands of God.

@@Hey Church, let's stop debating the issues of our time and start displaying the issue of all time: Jesus.@@