4 Essential Apps For The Non-Essentials Of Life

Courtesy of skitterphoto.com

Courtesy of skitterphoto.com

Last year, I wrote a post on 5 apps that boost productivity for the essentials of life: email, notes, calendar, task management, etc. If you haven’t read it, check it out. 

My only revision to that post is that Microsoft purchased the Sunrise Calendar app, and rolled some of their features into their mobile Outlook app. However, I don’t recommend it as it lacks some basic functionality without a subscription to Office 365 ($70-$100/yr).

Once you boost productivity for the essentials of life, you may want to consider the non-essentials. @@Some tools aren’t essential, but can enhance our life and our leadership.@@ Here are some app essentials for the non-essentials of life.

Journaling: Day One

  • Free version is loaded with features
  • Great location, weather and photos features to enhance your experience
  • Runs on all platforms across my Mac, iPad & iPhone

Reading: Blinkist

  • Key insights from 2,000+ best-selling books
  • Read or listen!
  • Free and paid version
  • Mobile and Desktop platforms
  • Read entire books in 15 minutes

Photos: Google Photos

  • Still better than Apple photos
  • It’s free and comes with any G Suite account
  • The Assistant fixes photos before you ask
  • Will remind you to add to the cloud to free up phone storage
  • New Album Sharing feature recently released

Expenses: Expensify

  • Integrates with almost every accounting software (i.e. QuickBooks)
  • Automatically import receipts directly into your account
  • Sync with your credit card statement to import expenses
  • Tons of travel features and integrations
  • Free version available
  • Syncs across all platforms

What apps do you use for the non-essentials of life?