The 4 Corners of Leadership


I had the privilege of attending Taste of the Summit at Willow Creek Community Church yesterday. The Global Leadership Summit is, in my opinion, the best 2 days of Leadership content and inspiration all year long. 

Dr. Henry Cloud presented on The 4 Corners of Leadership which is a portion of his new book The Power of the Other

Let me explain: 

You and I have limits. When you can’t will yourself any longer to push to the next level within yourself for what a situation needs. This is the beginning of our mind-body problem, when our hardware and software are not in sync to push our limits further.  

This is the moment when you and I begin searching for a connection and we start in... 

Corner 1 - No Connection

  • Can’t find a connection 
  • Leadership can put us here because leadership is lonely 

Corner 2 - Bad Connection

  • Not overtly abusive, but harmful connections are made 
  • Leaves you feeling bad about yourself 
  • You search for connections that make you feel good 
  • This takes you back to Corner 1 

Corner 3 - Pseudo Good Connection

  • Feels good 
  • Substance, relationship or results that reward 
  • Becomes an addictive place 
  • This takes you back to Corner 2 

Corner 4 - Real Connection

  • You find who you really are through relational connection 
  • This is 1 to a few trusted people who know your good, bad & ugly 
  • A place of openness and authenticity 
  • A place of truth and grace 

@@Leadership limits are signals you are looking for your next real relational connection.@@ When you hit your limits, what corner do you retreat to?