3 Things You Must Give To Lead

Moses wasn’t perfect but no one denies that Moses was a leader. Well, why? What are the traits that make Moses a leader? I’m not just talking about the things Moses did. I’m talking about characteristics of his life that shaped his leadership. When I look at his relationship with Joshua I see 3 things Moses gave.

1. He Gave Access

In Exodus 24 we see Moses trek up the mountain to meet with God. Did you get that - WITH GOD!! This is a pretty big deal. Who did Moses bring with him? Joshua. I don’t know about you but when I see God face to face I’m going to want to hoard Him a little. Almost without thinking, we see in Exodus 24:14, Moses brings Joshua and only Joshua up the mountain with him. Moses gave Joshua access to his life.

As a leader, who do you give access to? Who do you intentionally allow to see how you live your life? Who do you invite into your home and into your meetings? @@Giving access to your life without saying a word is perhaps the greatest form of leadership and discipleship.@@

2. He Gave Authority

In Exodus 33, with the Israelites on the move, Moses set up the Tent of Meeting. This was the place Moses met with God. The Bible says he met with Him “as a friend”. In verse 11 it says that Moses would return to the camp but Joshua never left his post at the tent. The second thing Moses gave was authority. He gave him a job - and a very important one.

As a leader, who do you give authority to? Who are you giving the opportunity to screw up, fail and then learn and grow. Who are you giving responsibilities to for things that actually matter? Who are you giving the authority to actually lead?

3. He Gave Acknowledgement

In Numbers 27 Moses asked God to appoint a new leader for His people so they would not be “sheep without a shepherd.” This alone is an amazing act of leadership. But what he did next is just as important. Moses laid hands on Joshua, blessed him and publicly acknowledged him as leader. Too often God appoints a leader and we neglect to acknowledge them.

As a leader, who else do you acknowledge as a leader? Who are you empowering to lead by publicly setting them up to win? This takes humility. 


In order to lead you must give access, authority and acknowledgement.

What are you quick to give away as a leader?

What is a struggle to give away?