How To Have the Giving Conversation in 3 Lines and 3 Letters

Giving. It’s the conversation we never want to have with our church. Why? I believe the two main reasons are this: One, we want to be sensitive to guests. They’re coming in with the perception that all we do is talk about money, so we avoid it. And two, we believe talking about money equals asking about money. And so, once again, we avoid the subject.

Well, we need to get over it. Jesus did. In fact, He talked about money more than anything, second only to the Kingdom of God.

It’s time the Church is more intentional about this conversation. If you feel stuck and don’t know where to start, try these two methods to make it as simple and clear as possible.

1. 3 Lines

I learned this from a real pro…Bill Hybels, Senior Pastor of Willow Creek Community Church. In a Q&A session with pastors, Bill shared this method, which he has used for decades. 

Simply put, draw three lines.

  • One represents your budget.
  • One represents your giving trend. 
  • And the other represents your current fiscal year and position. 

And you don’t need to use a single number. Numbers tend to focus our church on the outcomes when the conversation is really about our hearts. 

You can use this method to celebrate with your church and to call your church towards action. 

2. 3 Letters

  • A - Assess: Where are you currently? If everyone gave what you gave, would we be a healthy family?
  • B - Believe: This is the one area God tells us to test Him. Therefore, test Him in this. 
  • C - Commit: Commit to a plan to support your local church.

The Lead Pastor here at Mission came up with these. Why? Because in the words of The Jackson Five: “A-B-C, easy as 1-2-3!” 

Instead of making you read more, I thought I’d show you. Here are two videos of my friend Jon and I having two versions of the same conversations during back to back weeks last month. Give them a watch!

How satisfied are you with how you talk about giving at your church? How do you engage this conversation in your church?