5 Keys To Hiring Church Staff

At Mission Church we have the God-given gift of momentum right now. When this happens you thank God and maximize it. One of the keys to maximizing momentum is planning ahead and getting ready. @@To be prepared for the future takes more than planning. It requires positioning.@@ One of the best ways churches can do this is to staff for future growth. And staffing requires interviews. And you all just got incredibly disinterested in this post because who likes interviews? In fact, I’ve never interviewed in my life. I joined my dad’s start-up out of high school and have planted two churches.

I’ve had to do my research. There’s a ton out there about interviewing but here are the foundational pieces to include while interviewing future staff of your church.


The very first thing you should do is build a profile of the ideal candidate. This isn’t a job description or what they will do - that comes second. This is who they are! A full profile is needed using Character - Love for Jesus, Competency - Ability to do the job, Chemistry - Fit with Team, Culture - Fit in your church, Calling - God-given motivation for the job. We place 5 points under each and use this on the back end of interviews. Here’s why this is important: Most of your candidates will say nice things but not always the right things. You need a profile for a candidate to sync up with. 


Do what you can to put the candidate in a situation where you can see how they operate. Make the situation natural and staged. Natural settings are where we see true colors come out. Second is to ask situational questions to the candidate. For instance “Ok, I’m going to describe a scenario…what would your first 3 steps be?" 


Have the candidate come in with an actual plan for what they plan to do in the first 30-60-90 days. You want to know what they plan to do their first day before their first day. Something else you are looking for here are strategic and visionary gifts. Are they able to see a preferred future? Are they able to plan for it?


Create a social environment where the candidate can unbutton their proverbial top button and unwind. We have a great thing at Mission where we are all great friends too and enjoy hanging out together. Put the candidate in a social environment with fellow staff or key volunteers to see how the chemistry feels. If it doesn’t work, cut the cord. You can’t mess with your team chemistry (look for a future post on this).


Give every interviewer an assessment on the back end. Make it simple. I use Google Forms because I can export the data into Excel or Sheets. Your assessment should be based on the profile you built, not the great things the candidate said that have nothing to do with who or what you’re looking for. You will know the average score in the end is a measure against the profile you made and that’s what you’re looking for.


When it comes to hiring, what have been they keys to your interview process? Share them in the comments below.