3 Easy Cues to Invite More People to Church

Courtesy of lightstock.com

Courtesy of lightstock.com

I’ve never met a pastor who didn’t desire for their people to invite more people to church. Heck, you wish you would even invite more people to your church. 

You know those moments with a friend, coworker or neighbor when you feel God nudging you or whispering to invite them to church…but you don’t! Why? Because in your mind, you are asking a question that you can finish for me: “If I invite them to church what will they think of ______?” But it’s not about you.

What if there was one response you could give to three things people share with us on any given day?

Before I share, I want to debunk a myth we lean into as pastors: Christmas and Easter are not the best weekends to invite someone to church. Yes, you read that correctly. Newsflash…they’re coming anyway on those weeks. 

Every weekend is the best weekend to invite people to church. Why? Because @@people’s struggles don’t sync up with your series schedule.@@ People’s struggles arise no matter who is teaching, who is leading worship, what the topic is. Therefore, every Sunday is the best Sunday to invite someone to your church. Here’s how.

I’ve heard Andy Stanley, Founder and Pastor of Northpoint Community Church, offer these up to his church. They are called the “The Little Nots,” and we need to look out for them:

1. Not Going Well

Whenever someone says something to you that ends with “…not going well” – like their job, their marriage, their parenting – you respond with, “Really?! Well you should come to my church this Sunday."

2. Not Prepared For

Whenever someone shares with you a situation and adds “…and I’m not prepared for it” – like a divorce, a death, a child growing up, a health diagnosis – you respond with, “Really?! Well you should come to my church this Sunday."

3. Not In Church

This is the easiest and most obvious of all. When someone goes out of their way to share with you that they aren’t in church, you respond with, “Really?! Well you should come to my church this Sunday."

No one is going to be mad at you or your people for inviting in this way. I would encourage you to practice this for yourself and then begin to empower your people to do the same. People aren’t inviting more people because we haven’t empowered them to.

How do you encourage your people to invite others to church?