2 Ways Even Jesus is Amazed at Your Leadership

There isn’t much that amazes Jesus, the Son of God. And this is to be expected. I mean, He watched His Heavenly Father speak the galaxies into existence. Yet, there is this one thing that causes His amazement. Even more interesting is that there are two sides to this one thing - and Jesus is amazed on both sides.

1. Our Lack of Faith

In Mark 6, Jesus returns to his hometown. Remember His rejection? He coined the phrase, “A prophet is not without honor, except in his hometown.” Then the author, Mark, accounts that Jesus was amazed (surprised, astounded, astonished) at their lack of faith.

Jesus was never amazed or astonished when He encountered sin. A commentary notes, “What amazed Jesus was not their sinfulness and propensity of evil, but their hardness of heart and unwillingness to believe in him.” He knows we’re human and have sin in our lives, and yet He stands in amazement at our lack of faith.

2. Our Faith

The other side of the same coin is His amazement in our faith. In Matthew and Luke’s gospel accounts, Jesus encounters a Roman Centurion. This man claimed that if Jesus simply “said the word, it would be so!” Jesus was amazed at his faith. He turned to His followers and said “I have never seen such great faith…”.

Here is my question for you, leader: How is Jesus amazed at your faith today?

One way or another, Jesus the Son of God, is amazed. I can’t even wrap my mind around that. It’s by either our faith or lack of faith.

As you lead in the Church, is your propensity to control or surrender? Do you take courage or do you lead scared? Do you wait to gather every last drop of data or do you make decisions with a trust in God?

How quick are you to, like the centurion, throw up your hands and say, “Jesus, I got nothin’! But if You just say the word it will be so!”?

@@A leader’s faith isn’t found in the facts. It’s unveiled only in the unknown.@@

Tell me your thoughts. Is Jesus amazed at YOUR faith or lack of faith?