What is a Leader? Influence

Leadership expert John Maxwell says “Leadership is influence - nothing more, nothing less."

Bill Hybels, Founder of the Global Leadership Summit says “Leadership is fundamentally moving people from here to there."

If you prove to have credibility and display capabilities, you have now led yourself to a place of influence. The question now is what will you use your influence for?


  1. Catch an irresistible vision from God. Like Nehemiah and so many others who were invited to do a great work, what is the invitation God is extending to you? Are you even ready? Are you even listening for it?
  2. Cast a compelling vision and don’t apologize for it. God gives vision to leaders of all shapes and sizes. Some leaders have vision for large organizations and some leaders have vision for a small team and even an individual. @@What are the “Imagine if…” and “What if…” statements you must declare to move thing from here to there?@@
  3. Communicate a clear plan for here to there. Vision tends to stall at this point. To capitalize on the influence God has given you, you must be able to break the grander vision into smaller steps for people. If the vision requires two years of work, what is ahead of you for the first month? Build a vision blueprint. This will give you a plan and a progression for the steps ahead to moves from here to there.
  4. Consistency and faithfulness are now required of you. Like when Nehemiah said “I am doing a great work and cannot come down”, are you willing to be courageous when you face resistance? Are you able to lead through the end with the same fervor you started with?


@@What good is influence if we aren’t moving forward God-given vision?@@

There is a God-given direction for you, for your church and the people of your church. Use these 4 steps to influence people towards their God-given here to there