#GLS16: The 4 Lenses of Leadership

Mission was fortunate to host a satellite location for the Global Leadership Summit a couple of weeks ago. It was my 8th GLS and my favorite so far. It was packed with great content.

As always, GLS founder Bill Hybels kicked off the summit talking about the 4 Lenses of Leadership. Which lens do you need to wear in this season of your leadership?

The Bright Red Lenses

These represent a fired up leader because they understand the effect that unbridled passion has on everyone else.

  • Moving people from here to there takes planning and prayer, but it most assuredly takes passion. It’s like protein for the team.
  • A leader's passion is contagious.
  • Passion is either derived from the mountaintops of a beautiful dream or the depths of a valley that is going terribly wrong.

How filled is your passion bucket right now?

Here’s how you fill your passion bucket:

  1. Read passionate authors
  2. Be with passionate people
  3. Go to places that stir your soul

Shattered Lenses

These represent a leader whose vision for people has been shattered.

  • Even if you start with shattered lenses, you can grow and build a beautiful culture.
  • An organization will only be as healthy as the top leader wants it to be.
  • God only really treasures one thing in this vast cosmos: people.
  • The best way to honor the people you lead is to provide a healthy culture.

Do you have a fear-based culture? Do you have a passive culture?

Self-Adjusting Lenses

These represent a leader’s ability to adjust the goal-setting culture of a team.

  • Are you “goal-aholics” on your team, measuring everything?
  • Have you swung to other extreme with no accountability?
  • It is cruel and unusual punishment to employ a person and never tell a person how they are doing.
  • I never want 6 months to pass without every staff person knowing how they’re doing and where they stand.

How is your goal-setting culture? How do you need to adjust?

Sunglasses with Rear View Mirror

These represent a bright future while seeing your legacy behind you.

  • Leadership is not about time; it’s about energy.
  • Leadership can become a legal drug that other parts of your life have a hard time competing with.
  • If you’re on that drug, why would you ever change a diaper? Why would you sit with the poor? Why would you ever sit with a prisoner?

Where are you investing your energy? Are you pleased with how you will be remembered by your family, friends and those closest to you?