How To Eliminate Pointless Meetings and Reclaim Your Time

If there's one thing we don't need more of, it's meetings. So many of us – in the whirlwind of managing the life of our church – find ourselves in so many meetings. And some of them are flat out pointless.

This is due to some myths we have about meetings:

  • All meetings have to be at least 1 hour
  • Everyone has to be in every meeting so they don't feel left out
  • I have to be in every meeting so I know what is going on
  • We must fill the agenda with the most urgent items
  • And many more...

When we believe these myths, we waste so many meetings. And on a regular basis. 

This is a very fear-based way to lead.

Fear that the urgent will overwhelm you if you don't manage it. Fear that decisions can't be made without you. Fear of the discomfort of moving things forward and settling for the safety of talking around a table.

What if you begin to lead and manage with this theory: @@Urgent will always make time for itself. We must make time for the important.@@

What frustrations do you have about meetings? What myths do you need to kick to the curb?

If you’re sick of pointless meetings too, I have a solution for you.

I created a template for a weekly 2-hour maintenance meeting that we use every week here at Mission Church. It has eliminated the need for many other meetings, while aligning our team around our most important goals so we can move things forward faster.

I want to share this valuable resource with you. Download my FREE Team Alignment Meeting Template today. Use it weekly to:

  • Optimize your important meetings
  • Eliminate your non-essential meetings
  • Reclaim your time