3 Ways To Make Your Church's Mobile App Valuable

I don’t know what your perception is of the church where I lead. I need to be honest and tell you that most of what we do doesn’t turn to gold. But we try. We’ve never been short on effort when it comes to taking risks and launching new things.

When it comes to our Mobile App, it has exceeded our expectations. In less than 2 months, we have had 120% of our weekend attendance download the app.

Here are 3 reasons it has been a success.

1. It's Valuable

Seems obvious, right? But I see invaluable apps way too many times. In a day-in-age when websites have responsive and beautiful mobile versions of themselves, we are creating a second platform of the same content. This was the reason we waited 5 years to launch our app. We wanted to define its unique value for our church. 

Here’s what our Communications Director, Daniel Larsen, had to say:  "There was no point in creating an app and investing time into developing and maintaining it if it was just going to be another version of our website. It had to have a unique purpose. It had to have a vision and a value all its own."

A mobile app that mimics your website is a mobile app with little to no value. 

2. It's Utilized

Admit it: You launch things all the time that you don’t ever utilize. We have too. In the case of our mobile app, we put it to use.

The app platform we chose has a Take Notes section - and we take full advantage of it. All of the Bible verses, highlights, fill-in-the-blanks and more from our weekly messages are loaded into our Take Notes section. At the very bottom, the user can email the notes to their inbox or to their Evernote account.

Also, we are leaning into mobile giving and doing this through our mobile app. In under a minute, an attendee can set up a one-time or recurring donation to our church.

3. It’s Dynamic

When you launch one of your favorite apps, how excited do you get when it has been updated from the last time you launched it? You get giddy, don’t you?

On a daily basis, we put the most helpful button first on the home screen. 90% of the time, the button placed in the first position is the step we are inviting our people to take that given week or month. It might be to volunteer, join a group, be baptized, or anything else you can imagine. We also remove low priority clutter on a regular basis to not only create scarcity, but to be clear on what is the most valuable to the user in that moment when they launch the app.

What is the most valuable part of your church’s app?