How to Optimize Your Day in a New Ministry Season

@@Dear Pastor, Your church is back to a routine. Are you?@@

Not sure if you noticed, but this past Sunday was National Back To Church Sunday. It’s the time of year when our country gets back to church because they’re back to a routine. Hopefully the plan for your church in this season was done a couple months ago. But what about for you? What’s the plan for you as you get back to a new ministry season?

For all leaders who are getting back into a routine or anyone who just wants to better their routine, try these:

Define The Day

A lot of us enter a day allowing whatever is on our desk or within our inbox to define our day. 5pm rolls around, and all we’ve done is bad work. Instead, define your day with 1 significant thing you will move forward. Sure, peripheral things will need to get, done but that 1 significant thing is getting done.

TIP: If you want to go the extra mile, start sharing these things with your team. Our team at Mission, gets on Voxer by 8:15am and shares the significant thing we are moving forward that day.

Prioritize The Day

If there are significant things and insignificant things to get done, but they all need to get done - where do you start? I recommend picking a small thing to start with. Get a victory under your belt. Its like making your bed everyday. It’s promotes positivity and accomplishment. Prioritize the things you need to get done, and get them done.

TIP: There are number of methods to accomplish this like David Allen’s 1-3-5 Method and tools like Wunderlist and Nozbe.

Block The Day

We all have 3 main modes we work in: Meeting Mode, Grinder Mode, Creative Mode. Do you know when is the best time to do what? The best time for meetings is the afternoon and it’s not because you’re the sharpest. It’s because you’re fading and a meeting will draw out what you have left for the day. The best time to grind out work is in the morning. And the best time to be creative is, sorry to say, after 8pm for most people. How do you block out your days to do the right work at the right time of day? 

TIP: Create a new calendar in your calendar app called “Calendar Blocking” and set your ideal week. When it’s time to schedule, use this as your template.

Energize The Day

My latest reading has taught me that, at best, we can focus and give energy to something for 90 minutes. Instead, we emerge from our office for lunch and a bathroom break. Start by focusing your energy into 60-90 minute sprints throughout your day. In between, take a 15 minute walk or talk to your teammates about anything other than work. Isn’t that unproductive? It is, but this recovery is necessary for your next focused sprint. And lastly, workout before or in the middle of your day. There are so many benefits to doing this, mainly, the endorphins that are released in your body as motivators.

TIP: I’ve done my workout before and during work. Both are great. I’ve found that getting in the office to grind out tasks when it’s quiet, catching up with the team after they arrive, and leaving to workout sets me up for a productive afternoon.

How do you get back into a routine in a new ministry season? What tips do you use to optimize your day?