A Tool To See How 'In Order' Your Private World Is

The man or woman who learns to make peace with routine responsibilities and obligations will make the greatest contributions in the long run.
— Gordan MacDonald

My friend and pastorJon Peacock introduced me to the book Ordering Your Private World. Our team recently discussed the book and whenever we do I'm reminded of the gold found in this book for Church Leaders. 

You get this as a leader; it is the Public World that pulls at us, celebrates us, and let's be honest...compensates us. However, it is our Private World that upholds us and sustains us. 

How in order is your Private World?

If you haven't read the book - do so! Until then, I want to share with you a chart that holds in contrast our lives when our Private World is in order vs. when it is not:

On what side of the chart does your life lean? 4 years ago I'd have to answer that I had more on the unordered side than the ordered side. It's been only through the work of the Spirit in the setting of a monthly rhythm with a Spiritual Mentor that I have been able to order my Private World?

What's standing in your way of beginning to prioritize your Private World?