Turning The Productivity Discussion Back On You!

Until we can manage time, we can manage nothing else.
— Peter Drucker

How many productivity journals do you think are out there in the market? If you want an answer you won't find it here. The truth is there are so many productivity journals out there, I couldn't wraps my arms around the number. And chances are you've had up to 10 pass through your desk in the last 5 years. 

Some of you might wonder why the the journal market is still thriving in an age of innovation and technology. Here's why...

Psychologists have been looking at all forms of writing, from creative to structured. What journaling does is activate the left side of your brain which improves memory, comprehension and overall physical health.

This is why so many of us are still drawn to the old fashion way of productivity.

And here are the best selling productivity journals on the market:

If you are handwriting your productivity plan in journal form, here's some tips:

  • Don't worry about grammar/spelling when you write.
  • Write with words that impact you - only you will read it.
  • Develop a cursive writing style to get your thoughts out faster.

Today, I'm hoping to collect, rather than dispense, information from you in order to add value to everyone next week. This week I've included a short survey to mine for all of your tips & tricks on productivity. Next week I will share all of my findings with you!

My first hope is that you'd take 1 minute to fill out this survey and add value to other leaders and pastors by sharing your productivity strategies with us.

My second hope is that you'd share this with 1 friend and co-worker who could add value to this conversation.

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