5 Essential Apps To Organize Your Life

Photo courtesy of  pexels.com

Photo courtesy of pexels.com

I'm a firm believer that @@the tools you use produce the pace and precision of your purpose.@@ 

I find myself at a point where, in the last 5 years, I have tried EVERY app out there to boost my productivity. I have left plenty in the rearview mirror, but there are a few that I always come back to. The list below includes 5 essentials that I’ve been running for at least 6 months.

And oh, by the way, none of these are Apple apps. No one does Apple more than myself. It pains me to say that Apple makes great devices, not apps.

Well, here they are...

Task Manager: Wunderlist

  • Free version is loaded with features
  • Collaborate with team members
  • Runs on all platforms across my MacBook, iPad & iPhone

Calendar: Sunrise

  • It’s free!
  • Runs on all platforms across my MacBook, iPad & iPhone
  • Brings in data from Wunderlist, TripIt, EventBrite and many others
  • Only bad news is that Outlook purchased them. They are shutting down August 31, 2016 but Outlook claims to be relaunching their app with Sunrise features.

Email: Inbox

  • New app from Google 
  • Organizes all of your Gmail & Google Apps email accounts
  • Files, receipts & appointment requests can be viewed and shared without opening the email

Notes: Evernote

  • Free version is loaded with features
  • I treat this as my “digital brain.” Everything – from meeting notes, to the size of air filter my furnace at home takes – is in Evernote.
  • Don’t worry about creating folders. Just give every note the appropriate #tag.
  • Evernote note gives your account an email address. When you want to save an email as a note, just forward that email to your Evernote email.

Contacts: FullContact

  • Free version is loaded with features
  • Syncs multiple accounts to create one contacts book
  • Runs on all platforms across my MacBook, iPad & iPhone
  • Eliminates duplicates
  • Take a picture of a business card and it automatically creates a contact

What about you? What apps do you use to boost your productivity?