3 Playlists to Boost Your Productivity

In the Disney film Snow White, the 7 Dwarfs famously sang, “Whistle While You Work.” That was 1937, and thankfully, today we can enjoy music at work without the effort of whistling.

Numerous studies have shown that listening to music while working can make you more productive. But it’s more complex than that. For instance...

  • Familiar music is best for focus
  • Ambient music is best for creative thinking
  • Classical music is best for long, immersive tasks
  • Jazz music is best for blank slate tasks
  • Lyric music is often distracting

You should consider what you and your team are listening to while you work and while simply at work. @@You can orchestrate the mood, efficiency and culture of your team with music.@@

Here are three Spotify playlists that I use to do just that:

Jazztronica by Spotify

If I have a time in front of me to knock out a few tasks with a blank slate and without an urgent deadline, I go with this jazz/electronic blend.

Perfect Concentration by Spotify

If I have a project or task that requires deeper thinking into a topic over a longer period of time, I’ll go with this classical playlist.

Mission Office Mix by Tommy Bowman

This is the playlist that plays continuously throughout the common area of our office. It’s over 10 hours of ambient music. It provides an inspiring mood boost and very practically covers up semi-private conversations.

What tunes do you crank when you need to get stuff done?