3 Reasons You Don’t Have A Rest Routine

Have you recently wondered how long you can sustain your pace of life and ministry? Have you come too close to the flame of burn out?

Here are 3 Reasons You Don’t Have A Rest Routine

1. You Don’t Trust Your Work

When your work week comes to a close and you look back you’re unclear about what you’ve accomplished. You know you’ve had meetings, some of which were actually worth your time. You know you’ve completed tasks, some of which are things you actually should be working on. But you don’t have a clear enough record of what you’ve moved forward this week to actually turn work off for a day or two.

You don’t trust you work enough to pause for rest.     

2. You Don’t Trust Your Team

You don’t have a rest routine because you are drowning in your workload. And you’re drowning in it because you are the pastor who does everything for yourself. You care for everyone and clean up every situation. You plan everything and have every idea. You may be the only staff member of your church and you may lead a large team. @@You may be able to do most things better than anyone else on your team but that doesn’t mean you should.@@

You don’t trust your team enough to pause for rest.

3. You Don’t Trust Your God

In one of my all-time favorite books, Ruthless Trust, Brennan Manning says "Let’s not be afraid to look at everything that has brought us to where we are now and trust that we will soon see it in the guiding hand of a loving God.” #Convicting, right? You struggle to believe that God really leads your church or ministry. You’ve forgotten that God was faithful to call you to this work you are doing and that He will be faithful to carry it out.

You don’t trust your God enough to pause for rest.

Here Are 3 Solutions To Trust Your Way To A Rest Routine

  1. Know thy time. Know thy work. I posted about doing great work and working through the filter of your one-sentence job description. These are great places to start. “God didn’t make you a leader to respond to things all day” is one of Bill Hybels best quotes. You will find yourself responding all day if you don’t plan and prioritize your day’s tasks and your week’s calendar.
  2. Eliminate or Delegate - There a ton of great insights around delegation. Just google it. You have 2 options for your overwhelming workload.
    • The first is to simply eliminate the 20% from your life you and nobody else on your team needs to be doing. Over time, these things simply show up. Eliminate them.
    • The second is to delegate it to someone on your team. This could be a paid staff member or a volunteer. Here’s my rule of thumb: @@If someone on your team can do something 80% as effective as you, entrust them to do it.@@ On top of that, train them to do it even better than you can.
  3. Give It Back To God - Jon Peacock, my partner and Lead Pastor at Mission has a card in his office that says “Dear God, You’re the Lead Pastor…I’m going home”. Start practicing the discipline of giving your church and your ministry back to God. Here’s a secret I don’t share with many people…It’s already His anyway.

Which do you struggle to trust and what are you willing to do about it?