4 Questions For A Maximized Ministry Year

If you don’t change your schedule, you’ll be the same person you’ve always been
— Bill Hybels

Change for the sake of change is a waste of time and energy but how often do you look at your schedule to maximize your effectiveness as a leader? It's September and a new ministry season is upon us. For some of us are kids our back to routine, therefore, we are back to routine. How can we leverage this reset season in our lives? Here are 4 questions to assess your schedule and it’s effectiveness:

What should I stop?

What is broken or not working? What sucks the life out of you? What is distracting you from maximizing your effectiveness as a leader? What time needs to be protected?

A year ago, on Wednesdays, I decided I’m done having maintenance meetings. I’m going to stop meeting and working on things that have to do with the day to day operations. That’s for the other days of the week. Wednesdays will now be for the future and how we need to move forward as an organization. You can’t start a new thing without ceasing to do an old thing.

@@You can’t start a new thing without ceasing to do an old thing.@@

What should I start?

What’s missing? What are you not yet doing that you must start to maximize your effectiveness? 

Something I am starting is leaving the office at 3 on Wednesdays to pick up the kids from school and to spend the rest of that afternoon with them. On Wednesdays I am out the door very early and will be out of the house on Mondays and Wednesdays in the evenings. This is a decision I am making based on one of my core life goals which is to raise kids to love Jesus and don't hate the church. I want my kids to know and feel they are my first ministry and first priority. A new start follows right behind a necessary stop.

@@A new start follows right behind a necessary stop.@@

What should I continue?

What are the things that are working in your schedule right now? What is proving to be effective? What is energizing you and your work?

My weekend is working for me. Friday mornings are for this blog and my clients. Friday afternoons, I truly rest and fill up my tank. Saturday is focused on our home and our family before heading back to work Sunday morning. It works. I continue to arrive on Sunday mornings energized and ready to lead. This is a pattern I plan to continue?

What should I change?

What’s at the wrong time? What’s on the wrong day? What’s with the wrong people?

When I workout, I’m finding, is something that will consistently change. I posted last year 4 Ways To Increase Your Energy, one of them being to have a consistent workout routine. I've gone from beginning my day with a workout to mid-morning workout. I've recently changed to a mid-afternoon workout based on my diet, my work schedule and my energy throughout an average day. What do you need to change in your schedule?

What about you? When it comes to becoming a more effective leader for your next run, what must you stop, start, continue and change?