5 Ways To Have an Extra Helping of Gratitude This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will come tomorrow and be gone in the blink of an eye. What if, on the day you eat more than any other day, you were also more grateful than any other day? Here are 5 ways to accomplish this:

1. Pre-Dinner Gratitude Session

This is perhaps the most practiced, but you’d be surprised how many families skip this so the food doesn’t get cold. Simply go around and ask people to share 1 thing and 1 person they are grateful for this year. Here’s a tip: all meat is supposed to rest before eating. Carve the turkey, wrap in foil and let rest, have your discussion and then eat!

2. Thanksgiving Bible Reading Plan

Hop on the YouVersion app on your phone and start the 7 Days of Thanksgiving Reading Plan. Allow truth to remind you of your human need for being grateful.

3. Get Physical

It was proven in a 2003 Berkeley study that active people have more gratitude. Sign up for a Turkey Trot 5k race nearby. I’ve done this now for 9 years. Whether you like crowds, running and the cold or not (and most don't), getting up, being around people, and being active is a great way to activate gratitude for your day.

4. Ask & Listen

Thanksgiving is when you’re typically around family you don’t see all the time, and the temptation is to catch them up with everything going on in your life. Fight this temptation, come with great questions, sit back and listen well. @@Listening well will help you overcome comparison, and comparison is the antithesis of gratitude.@@

5. Enjoy the moment

Thanksgiving doesn’t need any help flashing before your eyes. Be intentional about slowing down the day to take in the moments. @@Eat well, laugh hard, embrace often on this Thanksgiving Day.@@ And in the midst of all of this, say to yourself “Thank you, God, for these blessings!"

Happy Thanksgiving!

How do you add an extra helping of gratitude to your Thanksgiving Day?