Steps Matter: Pt 3 - The Only Thing

Do the people in your church know what the relationship to your church is?

I believe that people cannot take a purposeful step towards greater partnership with church or towards greater separation from your church if they do not know where they stand. There was never a Point B that didn’t first have a Point A.

If you want to lead your people towards stepping into greater partnership with the church, there are 3 prerequisites. Two weeks ago I shared the first one and last week I shared the second. Here’s the third:

3. The Only Thing

In Galatians 5 Paul goes back to a church that he started in Galatia. When he arrives on the scene he finds religious people trying to convince followers of Jesus they needed to add all the laws from the Old Testament for their salvation to count. In this case they were trying to convince men to have a little surgery. 

When Paul arrives he puts a stop to this immediately and says “The only thing that matters is faith expressed through love.” And that is still true today. The only thing that matter is your faith expressed through love - love for God and love for others.

Ask your church: @@Is your relationship to the Church causing you to have a greater faith? One expressed through love?@@

If not, they might need to step into a new race.

After this moment Paul goes on to plead with them saying “You were running such a good race…!” Essentially, he’s asking “What happened?!?"

We, as the Church, tend to get our people into this type of thinking. We knowingly and unknowingly put a bunch of hoops in front of them simply following Jesus. 

Do the people of your church have a relationship with your church that is causing them to have a greater faith? A faith expressed through love for God and love for others above all else.

@@Are you as the church setting up the relationship to the church in such a way that following Jesus is simple or complicated?@@

Make church simple so people can take steps that matter.