Strategy 01 // Will You Like Your Church In 3 Years?

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I heard a pastor telling the story of his church, and when speaking of a previous season, he said, “I remember thinking, 'I’m not gonna like my church in 3 years.'"

The point is…as a church or any organization grows, it will drift from its original vision. This doesn’t happen because leaders make bad decisions with bad intentions. It’s a completely natural event. I’ve heard vision drift described as “very prevalent without having to be inevitable.”

Well, why does it happen? Here’s what I’m learning: @@Vision without strategy promotes activity without advancement.@@

I couldn’t believe more in the vision we have at Mission. It's simple: Redefining Church. And it is one of the primary factors, I believe, God has used to give Mission an incredibly healthy start to our life. But can I be vulnerable? It will eventually run out. It will eventually drift.

Carey Nieuwhof says, "Vision determines intention but strategy determines direction.” It is becoming apparent that our vision has sustained our intentions thus far. These intentions are tremendous fuel for our future. Will we focus this fuel to point us in a clear direction? And what is this clear direction? Have our intentions led to the correct direction?

These are questions we are working on as a team next week with a trained facilitator. Are you willing to ask these questions with your team? Will you like your church in 3 years?

I heard it said recently, “Don’t mistake activity for advancement.” When you look back on the history of your church, I know without a doubt, you will see outcomes. Don’t confuse outcomes with obedience. There is a God-given vision we all started with. And chances are you have drifted and yet still see incredible outcomes. Now is the perfect time to circle up as a team to return to the obedience of carrying out what God uniquely called your church to do!

This is the first post in a series on strategy.