FREE WEBINAR: How To Accomplish Your Church’s God-Given Purpose

Do you feel like your church's direction has gone off the rails? Do you lack clarity on your Mission, Vision, Values or Strategy and how they should work together?

Join me on May 16 at noon Central time, when I’ll be hosting a webinar designed especially for church leaders: How To Accomplish Your Church’s God-Given Purpose. I'll help you gain clarity, harness your team's momentum, and get back on track.

This FREE 30-minute webinar will help you gain clarity on: 

  • Why Mission, Vision, Values & Strategy are important
  • How to create synergy between these 4 components
  • What you should do next to harness your team’s momentum

I would bet most of you have a Mission. It’s some version of the Great Commission. And that’s great! But as you move down the line to vision, values and strategy - your clarity decreases. 

Why is this not ok? 

Because @@clarity produces courage in us and in our churches to accomplish our God-purpose.@@ How effectively we carry out our purpose is relative to how well our Mission, Vision, Values & Strategy all work together.

Lack of clarity does produce a result:

  • When Mission is unclear, you’re uninspired.
  • When Vision is unclear, you’re unguided.
  • When Values are unclear, you’re undisciplined.
  • When Strategy is unclear, you’re unproductive.

In my own experience, I have felt the results of a lack of clarity. I know what it’s like to be in a season that feels uninspired, unguided, undisciplined or unproductive. No one is immune to this.

You started your church with a passion and a calling to bring a Movement of God to your community – to see lives impacted for Jesus. But somehow along the way, it’s easy to get stuck. As long as your Mission, Vision, Values and Strategy remain unclear, your impact in your community, your growth, and your ability to live out God’s purpose for your church are at stake.

But clarity produces a result as well:

  • Our church has been the most inspired when our leadership has grown to be inspired by our Mission
  • Our church has been the most guided when we have believed together in God’s picture of our future
  • We’ve been the most disciplined when our values have moved from our heart to the hands and feet of our ministry
  • And our strategy has produced the greatest results when it has flowed from our Mission, Vision and Values

Are you feeling stuck in any of these areas? How long are you willing to stay stuck? Join me on May 16 to take the first step.