The 4 Senses of an Inspiring Workspace

When a person walks into your organization’s workspace, are they inspired or underwhelmed? Are they prompted to think, “Things must get done around here!” or are they prompted to ask, “What goes on in here?"

I’ve learned over time to give more attention to how our workplace feels, looks, sounds and even smells. Sure, you can ignore all of these things and still accomplish your goals - but what if just a little bit goes a long way for your team and your visitors?

@@In your workspace, appeal to the senses to inspire your visitors and motivate your team.@@

1. Feel

You know the saying “You look good, you feel good. You feel good, you play good.”? It’s true. My father was my boss for 8 years, and every year around review time, he gave me the same coaching: “Tommy, you need to dress for success.” And I still need that coaching. I’m not a slob, but I love to be comfortable. But when I respect my work enough to dress up for it, others will respect my work too. Give your team a dress code. That’s right, a dress code. Don’t make it rigid, stiff and inauthentic. Make it inspiring. 

2. Sight

When you walk into a restaurant, theater, store or coffee shop, your first experience is with what is visible. And what you see sets the tone for your experience. When visitors walk into your office, what impresses them? When your team walks in to start the day, what motivates them? Use your workspace as a canvas for your vision. Oh, and keep it clean. Cleanliness is next to godliness, right? 

3. Hearing

I wrote a post on music in the workplace, and I’ve had people thank me for this little step because it has boosted their own productivity and put a pep in the step of their team. Use music to set the tone for your office environment. When you workout, music matters. When you worship, music matters. When you watch a movie, music matters. Therefore when you work, music matters. 

4. Smell

That’s right smell. There are so many studies on how scent affects our mind and body. This is silly, but a few months ago I placed Eucalyptus Spearmint plug-ins around the office and I cannot believe how many people have commented about it with tremendous pleasure. And here is what I believe they are saying to me beneath the surface: “It smells good in here!”…they are saying “If you care this much about smell of your office, how much more do you care about the even bigger things that affect my life?” 

Maybe I’m totally crazy about the importance of these small things. If so, I’m fine with that. @@How you steward the seemingly insignificant influences how you steward the wildly important.@@

How are you being intentional about your office space? What small changes can you make today that will have a big impact?