Your Assignment Isn't Your Identity

I'm at the Orange Conference with our staff this week in Atlanta. Our team read H3 Leadership by Brad Lomenick this past year and I had the opportunity to sit in on his breakout. He said a ton of insightful things but this is what will stick with me the most.

There is a huge difference between our identity, our calling and our assignment.

  • Identity is who you are and never changes. 
  • Calling is why you are here and can occasionally change.
  • Assignment is what you do and changes more frequently.

We tend to view them as the same and when we do there are consequences:

  • When assignment changes we believe lies about our identity and we question our calling.
  • When calling changes we stay in an assignment we need to release to protect both our identity and our assignment.

A leader must detach their identity from their assignment to lead in healthy ways. A leader must be willing to give up an assignment to live out of their true identity.

Your assignment isn't your identity. 

@@If I were to ask you what God was doing in your life, could you answer without talking about the thing you lead?@@